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SEO is the procedure to drive more organic search traffic to a web site by getting higher search engine rankings. SEO is a term which describes the procedure to boost traffic to a particular site by generating top ranks in search engines like Google, yahoo, MSN, etc in ordinary search results.

SEO is usually define as the process of optimizing web pages in order to make them extra search engine-friendly, thus getting higher ranks in search results. Genuine SEO techniques can bring heavy traffic to a website which will finally boost actual visitors to the site. Before applying the SEO methods and strategies to a site, one should know how search engine increases traffic for a site and what are the reasons behind that?

The most important aim of Search Engine Optimization is to make your site popular by getting superior rank. One can provide a new and an effective way to increase traffic to the site through methodical, technical and well-organized SEO methods. Search engine work by searching on the keywords typed by an individual and presents the result on the search engine result page or SERPs. SEO is a way by which a website gets high ranking on the search engine result pages.

Some main aspects of search engine optimization that should be set aside in mind earlier than starting the method are:

A good quality analysis of Keywords should be done, which is a cogitate process. The keyword should correctly explain your services and products. This phase is called as Keyword Optimization or Keyword Analysis. Put these keywords on the strategic areas to make best use of its utilization

One more main thing to consider is the Title of your page. The title of the page comes into view on the top of the browser. Title is displayed on search engine result pages of the search engines. The visitor will click the title if they find it of their use. Keyword should be added to the title. The title indicates the summary of your page. So it should be interesting, helpful and eye catching for the visitors.

The final and the main thing is the Content of the web page. The content should be useful and should clarify your business goals properly. Keywords must be used in the content of the page keeping the keyword density in mind. High-quality content is responsible for catching the visitors and holding them. Therefore a good content helps in to getting top rank and mass traffic for a site.


On-page solution:
    * Keyword Analysis/Implementation
    * Content development/optimization
    * Meta tag optimization
    * Header tag Optimization
    * Internal navigation optimization
    * Canonical/404 implementation
    * XML & ROR Site Map implementation
    * Image optimization
    * URL re-writing
    * Video optimization

Off-page solution:
    * Link popularity building
    * Article/ Blog submission
    * Directory submission
    * URL submission
    * Press Release submission
    * RSS Feed distribution
    * Blog Pinging
    * Classified submissions

SEO consultancy:
    * Competition analysis
    * Design/Information Architecture analysis
    * Keyword analysis

What CWS can do for you?
To make sure your site ranks as high as possible, Charm Web Solutions will perform a grouping of the SEO procedures which contain all activities containing on page optimization and off page optimization. CWS has a well-built expertise in these techniques which has been honed over the years.


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